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New orders for Hammocks and Tarps approximately 6-8 weeks 


New orders placed on Ethereal Down Quilts are at approximately 8-10 weeks .

Non-custom accessories are still shipping within 7-10 business days

Due to supply and shipping issues industry-wide some materials and/or colors may become available at times.


We are doing our best to keep up with the availability of materials from our suppliers. If an order is placed and those materials are not currently available we will be happy to work with our customers to find a suitable alternative.  


Custom Hammocks

Our full-line of backpacking hammocks are hand crafted from the finest available light weight materials. 

TrailHeadz Hammocks Tarps.jpg


Our line-up of SIlPoly tarps has a coverage option for every need. 


Our Ethereal down quilts combine ultralight calandered fabric and high fill-power dwr goose down to keep your insulation system light and compressible

TrailHeadz Hammocks Accessories.jpg


From keeping your pack and gear organized to keeping those quick access items easily in reach our accessory products are a great option to help round out your kit.

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