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Reviews and Recommendations

Here's what some of our customers have had to say about our gear and customer service:

TrailHeadz' attention to detail and craftsmanship are on par with the best cottage shop gear, I have ever owned. What truly sets them apart, is the personal approach to every single build. John, the owner, not only wants to ensure that your new TrailHeadz gear is durable and lightweight, he wants to make sure you're impressed with it!   -Chris Arp  
They made a custom spreader bar sack for me and I ordered a matching zippable brick. Nice details, great fabric - Dawn Murphy Del Guercio  
Great products. Awesome quality! Highly recommend. Alex Mendoza
 Love my winter tarp! Lots of room and tall enough to stand up in. Blocked the wind perfectly and yet is still lightweight. John was great to work with as well, I highly recommend his work. - Matt Kellogg 
Received several items from Trailheadz last week -- stake/cordage rollup, several custom bricks (Zipper pack pouches), and gear slings. Each item is super high quality (sewing/hems, etc), ultralight, and the attention to detail rivals any other cottage camping or hiking gear manufacturer. The owner, John, is also super friendly, knowledgeable, and shipping was very quick. I got my order within two to three days. I would highly recommend Trailheadz to anyone looking for top-notch camping gear. You can't go wrong! - Brian Gilley
What a great experience I’ve had with their gear! Outstanding customer service. I had a winter tarp set up made, gear sling and some custom bags made.. they even made what I wanted in the size I needed.
Greg Clendaniel 


So here it is my friends. I’m not a vlogger so you will just have to settle with pics...3 to be exact. Excellent sowmanship (made up word but it fits) channels on each side with shock cord connecting each ends to line loc clips and cinch clips on each end to cinch. Exact match to my hammock gear UQ. All stitches are top notch and in good order. Length/width is perfect for my UQ and hammock. UQP stays right in place and does excellent job of covering the entire UQ. It was originally weighing in at 4.6 oz but ended up at 5.8oz because of shock cord size. But that can be customized. Any color choice you want(dark olive for me) and the price was spot on.
Just to mention this was Trailheadzhammocks first attempt at making an UQP (besides the prototype) and they did an outstanding job.

Darin Kramer  

Great guy to work with, willing to discuss every detail with me even though I feel like I could be annoying him. I like to find a go to guy for stuff and this is mine for hammock related stuff. Great quality and exceptional service - Christopher White
 Great people, great workmanship, great communication. I love my gear sling and custom ground cloths! I couldn't recommend then more, 5 stars all the way!Penelope Smith
This gear hammock is great. At 3oz with suspension and $25 it just found a place in my pack. Still at a 9.8lb base weight. - Richard Bump Staggers 
Got to try out the new winter tarp John made me. Was in souther IL and used as a double hammock hang and worked good. Temps in 50’s so doors were open some. Forgot to take picture. Then camped in WI with temps in low 30’s and let my wife use it to shut the doors and I used the tarp I bought last year when I didn’t know about better lighter tarps. Figured out the tarp hand hardware and it is nice and fast and secure. -Jeff Trimble    
My wife and I have the gear slings and love them! They've been used on multiple trips, primarily in the Ouachita National Forest and trails in that area and have performed flawlessly. Super light weight, they make it easy to keep your pack and other gear off the ground - Tony Kuhnell  

Great products. well made.Richard Bivins

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