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Our Poltergeist Hammock is among the lightest full size, fully netted hammocks available. The combination of .71 Cloud Mesh body and encaps along with a .6 Noseeum bugnet gives you an awesome almost 360 degree view of camp without need of moving more than your eyes.


Cloud 71 ripstop mesh is an ultra-strong, highly breathable mesh that can support a surprising amount of weight for as thin as it is. We recommend this fabric for experienced ultralight hammock users.

Due to the nature of this hammock fabric to snag and its potential to fail due to force applied abruptly WE DO NOT WARRANTY THIS MODEL


Material Specs:

Weight Rating: 175 lbs

Fabric Width: 58-in finished

Fabric Weight: .71 oz/sq yd

Breathable with DWR coating


Finished Weight: hammock, ridgeline, continuous loops, & double ended stuff sack : 10 oz

Poltergeist Hammock

  • This hammocks is built to an 11-ft single layer standard. 

    All TrailHeadz hammocks ship ready-to-hang and include:

    •  AmSteel continuous loops
    • Lash-It fixed ridgeline
    • Double-ended stuff sack
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