Our Poltergeist Hammock is among the lightest full size, fully netted hammocks available. The combination of .71 Cloud Mesh body and encaps along with a .6 Noseeum bugnet gives you an awesome almost 360 degree view of camp without need of moving more than your eyes.


Monolite ripstop mesh is an ultra-strong, highly breathable mesh that can support a surprising amount of weight for as thin as it is. We recommend this fabric for hot weather hammocks.


Material Specs:

Weight Rating: 200 lbs

Fabric Width: 58-in finished

Fabric Weight: .71 oz/sq yd

Breathable with DWR coating


Finished Weight: hammock, ridgeline, continuous loops, & double ended stuff sack : 10 oz

Poltergeist Hammock

  • This hammocks is built to an 11-ft single layer standard. 

    All TrailHeadz hammocks ship ready-to-hang and include:

    •  AmSteel continuous loops
    • Lash-It fixed ridgeline
    • Double-ended stuff sack