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We're bringing this to the community as a collaboration with our great friends at Dutchware - Designed here at TrailHeadz and built by the Dutchware elves. THIS ITEM IS MADE IN BATCHES AND MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL TIME TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER EXPECT ANACONDA ORDERS TO TAKE UP TO 14- 20 DAYS


The Anaconda Carry All and Deployment Sack. This compression bishop bag with integrated hammock sleeve is designed to house your ENTIRE SLEEP SYSTEM (hammock, suspension, down topquilt, down underquilt) FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to deploy in a fast and no fuss method. Once installed on your rig it literally takes seconds to deploy with nothing touching the ground and not going back and forth to the pack.


Simple deployment:

• Just clip into your strap at the exposed continuous loop.

• Open up compression sack.

• Grab your other loop.

• Walk out the sleeve containing your rig, clip into opposite strap.

• Pull back the sleeve (I find tucking the sleeve back into the bag helps keep it out of the way).

• Relax.

Simple breakdown

• To pack up just reverse the process and stuff it back in the bag.



*By utilizing cutting edge materials the Anaconda keeps it all organized and ready to quickly deploy without a huge weight penalty to your pack.

• Made from 1.0 Dyneema

• DWR treated argon the compression bag keeps your rig dry and protected.

• Cloud 71 sleeve keeps everything stored in a preset bundle.

• An interior pocket in the removable lid houses your choice of strap suspension.


• Available in 2 sizes:

o Standard (~16L 4oz) for summer quilts and up to ultralight 20° (1000fp) systems

o Large (~20L 5oz for up to 0° 1000fp)

o Large is Ideal 850/900fp systems 20°



This item is not customizable

Anaconda - Hammock Containment Unit

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