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The Banshee UL offers users up to 275 lbs a true ultralight option. By combining the design of the Wraith UL with the strength, comfort, and durability of 1.2 Hexon, the Banshee UL can truly be classified as an ultalight option and is sure to have you screaming to get on the trail.


Product Specs

Dimensions 10.5 ft x 58 

1.2 Hexon (rated to 275lbs)

.6 Noseeum Mesh

Weight: 11 .5 oz



Banshee UL

  • All of our UL hammocks are designed to offer the lightest weight possible according to their fabrics weight limit. These models are bult with the intended head end to be to the left of the hammock when looking at the hammock facing the zipper. the symmetrical body does allow for the option of head right or left of the ridgeline while laying in the hammock.  The design on these hammocks is a set design and cannot be customized.

    All UL hammocks include:

    • 105 inch Lash- It fixed Ridgeline
    • Dynaglide Continuous Loops
    • A single double sided zipper with glow in the dark pulls
    • A DCF ridgeline organizer
    • A DCF Bishop Bag
  • Hammocking Tips to Get the Most Out of Your TrailHeadz Hammocks:


    • Store Hammock in the included stuff sack

    • Hang your hammock at 30° (Use the finger gun method)

    • Pay close attention to entering and exiting your hammock

      • They are not Trampolines

      • The static supported weight (no movement) is much higher than the entry and exit force.

      • NEVER place all your weight in a concentrated location

      • Don’t “plop” down into your hammock

    • Make sure your pockets are empty when hanging in your hammock.

    • Be aware of any rivets, zippers, etc., on your clothing and that these can be snag points on your hammock material


    Care and Washing of Your Hammock

    • Hammocks don’t normally need to be cleaned or washed.

    • To wash remove all cordage; zipper pulls, continuous loops, and ridgeline

    • Use a front load washing machine

    • Place in a mesh delicates bag and wash on delicate cycle with mild detergent for added safety.

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