Whether you want to blend in or stand out among the trees our OutdoorINK or Print2Fabric printed tarps is sure to add a personal touch to your hang. Select from a Pattern from Ripstop by the Rolls Outdoor Ink or Dutchwares Print 2 Fabric designs here and enter in the name of it in the text box and we"ll build your masterpiece.


12 ft ridgeline and 56" panel height when finished

Available as 1.1 Silpoly / Xenon and .9 Membrane Sil poly / Xenon

Printed Design Sil Poly Tarps

  • Asym tarps are designed for fairweather minimalist Ultralight coverage. These tarps have 2 main ground tieout points and then 1 additional loop per edge.

    Hex tarps are designed for open ended coverage. These tarps have 3 Ground tieouts per side

    Rectangular and Winter tarps are designed for variable conditions. the ends can be left open or completely closed depending on your preferance. These tarps have 5 ground tieouts per side.

  • In order to reduce inventory overhead costs, all tarps are built to a standard 12-ft ridgeline length. Please contact us for a custom order if a different length is desired.

    All TrailHeadz tarps feature:

    • HyperD 300 tie-out reinforcement panels
    • 3/4" Beastee Dees on ridgeline
    • 1/2" Beastee Dees on ground ties
    • Double-ended stuff sack
    • Empty stake and tie-out roll-up