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The middle ground of our  Xenon Silpoly tarps, this fabric offers the same coverage as our .9 Membrane tarps, but with a bit more durability. Silpoly is more stretch- and water-resistant than Silnylon, and more compressible than DCF, with great UV and abrasion resistance. Due to its strength and stretch resistance, Silpoly does not require cat-cuts, allowing for full use of the fabric width for maximum coverage.


Finished Weight & Dimensions 


Rectangular: 16oz - 144" x 56"(Panel Height)

Winter: 18oz - 144" x 180"x 56"(Panel Height)


Material Specs:

Fabric Weight: 1.1 oz/sq yd

Fabric Width: 55- 56 inches finished

Waterproof Rating: 2000 - 4500 mm


Please see the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION topics below for more information on our tarps

Xenon 1.1 Silpoly Tarps

  • Rectangular and Winter tarps are designed for variable conditions.  These tarps have 5 ground tieouts per side.

    Both our rectangular and winter tarps have the ability to close the ends like doors for privacy and storm/ wind blocking.

    The winter tarp design is based off of a trapezoidal shape which allows the tarp to be pitched slightly wider when doors are closed.


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