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This tarp is crafted from the largest Silpoly fabric available and is the largest tarp in the TrailHeadz collection. Guaranteed to maximize your coverage without the weight penalty usually associated with large tarps. Silpoly is more stretch- and water-resistant than Silnylon, and more compressible than DCF, with great UV and abrasion resistance. Due to its strength and stretch resistance, Silpoly does not require cat-cuts, allowing for full use of the fabric width for maximum coverage.


Finished Weight & Dimensions (per panel):

Rectangular: 20oz - 144" x 68-69"

Winter: 24oz - 144" x 180"x 68-69"


Material Specs:

Fabric Weight: 1.1 oz/sq yd

Fabric Width: 68-69 inches finished

Waterproof Rating: >2500-4500 mm


Please see the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION topics below for more information on our tarps

Xenon XL Tarps

  • Rectangular and Winter tarps are designed for variable conditions.These tarps have 5 ground tieouts per side.

    Both our rectangular and winter tarps have the ability to close the ends like doors for privacy and storm/ wind blocking.

    The winter tarp design is based off of a trapezoidal shape which allows the tarp to be pitched slightly wider when doors are closed.

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